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Wed, 1 Jan 1997 20:16:28 +0000

Hiya Loonies...

Here's a story about a couple making some extra cash...

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John and Jill, a couple, were going through some tough time financially.

One day John suggested to Jill that she should go stand at the street
corner and see if they could increase their income that way. 

At first Jill was very upset but in the end she agreed to the plan as
they really needed the money, on one condition, John must wait in his
car a little way down the road to ensure everything was fine....

So on the street corner Jill stood when a new Mercedes Benz pulls up...

Driver: "How much do you want?

Jill  : " I'm not sure... would you mind waiting just a
         second - I have to ask someone."

She and John had completely forgotten to talk about this.

Driver: "Ok but be quick"

Jill ran to John and asked him how much she should ask.

John saw the Mercedes and suggest she ask $1000. She ran back to the
waiting car...

Jill  : "It will be a $1000."

Driver: (opening his wallet) "That's way too much, I only have $500 on 
         me... Can't we agree something for $500?"

Jill  : "Hang on I'll be right back just have to ask someone."

Driver: "What's all this asking...??? You must hurry as I don't have all 

Jill ran to John explaining the situation. 

John  : "No, that's not enough money - he can only have a blow job."

Jill ran back to the car and explained the situation to the man...

Driver: "Ok, a blow job is fine"

He hands her the $500 and unzips his fly...out comes one hell of a cock.
Jill can't believe her eyes....

Jill  : "Would you mind waiting just one more time" she asked the 

Driver: "Now you have been running up and down here for ages. Do you 
         want to do business or not? I don't have all day to wait for 

Jill  : "I will only be a second, I just want to ask my husband if he's
         willing to lend you $500.