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Wed, 8 Jan 1997 14:44:30 +0000

Hiya Folks...

Here's a Microsoft version of one we've had before...

Wishes & Dreams...


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Three engineers were riding in a car:  a mechanical engineer, a chemical
engineer, and a Microsoft software engineer.  

The car stalled, and they rolled it to the side of the road.

The mechanical engineer popped the hood, looked is and said "Look. The
drive belt is loose.  All we have to do is tighten it up and the car
will work just fine."

The chemical engineer replied "No, that's all wrong. The problem is fuel
contamination.  We have to drain the fuel, filter it, and then
everything will be A-OK."

The Microsoft software engineer told the other two "No, I've seen this
problem before. We have to get back in the car, close all the windows,
shut down the car, get out, get back in, start up the car, open all the
windows, and then it will run."