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I read recently in the Wall Street Journal that as technology improves,
more product names are taken.  To help those companies, I compiled this

To use:  Pick any word from column A, then add another from column B, and
then column C.  The combinations are endless!

A:              B               C:

Cyber           Logic           Solutions
Web             System          Express
World/WWW       Auto            Automated
Automatic       Data            Protocol
Data            -matic          System
Computing       -lytic          Technology
Net             Net             Standard
Surf            Computing       Research
Logi            Link            Network
Local           Processing      Web browser
Advanced        Transfer        Explorer
Integrated      Tech            Utilities
Micro           Standard        Editor
Hyper/Super     Reality         Device
Binary          Mastering       Administration
Personal        Editing         Computing
HTML            Micro           Application
Virtual         Sex             Gear
Master          Information     Provider
Digital         Monitoring      Conferencing


- Virtual Sex Provider
- Binary Information Utilities
- Cyber Sex Solutions (Sex is a popular word on the Net these days, you