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Now here's a young lady making an old man's dream come true...

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An old man was on the beach and walked up to a beautiful girl in a
bikini, "I want to feel your breasts," he exclaimed.

"Get away from me, you crazy old man!" she replied. 

"I want to feel your breasts, I will give you twenty dollars!" he says. 

"Twenty dollars, are you nuts!? Get away from me! 

I want to feel your breasts, I will give you ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!" he

"NO! Get away from me." 


She pauses to think about it, but then comes to her senses and says "I 
said NO!" 

"FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS if you let me feel your breasts," he says. 

She thinks, well, he is old, and he seems harmless enough... and five 
hundred dollars IS a lot of money.... 

"Well, OK...but only for a minute," she says.

She loosens her bikini top and while both are standing there on the
beach, he slides his hands underneath and begins to feel... and then he
starts saying, "OH MY GOD...OH MY GOD...OH MY GOD..." while he is
caressing them.

So out of curiosity, she asks him, "Why do you keep saying 'Oh my god,
oh my god'?"

While continuing to feel her breasts he answers: "OH MY GOD...OH MY 
GOD...OH MY GOD... Where am I ever going to get five hundred dollars?"

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