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Here's a rugby fan who needs an interpreter...though you won't need an
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Van was over in London for the World Cup Rugby. Having never been to
London before, he was fairly overawed with all the sights and sounds.
While gawking at something in the opposite direction he walked smack
bang into a fire hydrant. The impact of this smashing his family jewels
and rendering him unconscious.

Upon waking in hospital, the doctor informs him "I'm terribly sorry old
chap, but it seems that we are going to have to remove your testicles."

At this poor Van goes absolutely ballistic and has to be restrained. The
doctor then remembers a South African doctor that's working down the
passage and rushes off to get him to explain the procedure to Van.

The S.A. doctor returns and says to Van, "Luister Van, Ons gaan jou
balle moet uithaal."  

At this Van instantly calms down and says to the doctor, "Jislaaik, dis
goeie nuus, ek dog daai ander ou het gese hy gaan my 'test tickets'

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