Risky Bravery

The Loony Bin ( loonies@bloodaxe.demon.co.uk )
Wed, 7 Aug 1996 09:11:11 +0100

Hiya Folks...

Are some things worth taking the risk...???

Wishes & Dreams...


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  ------- Forwarded foolishness follows -------

One day Mr. President was jogging. 

Because he didn't look out, he fell from a bridge into a very cold

Three boys, playing along the river, saw the accident and without a
thought, jumped in the water and dragged the wet president out of the

After cleaning up he said: Boys, you saved the president of the US. You
deserve a reward. You name it, I'll give it to you'.

The first boy said: 'Please, I'd like a ticket to Disneyland!'

'I'll personally hand it to you', said Mr. Clinton.

'I'd like a pair of Nike Air Turbo's,' the second boy said.

'I'll buy them myself and give them to you', said the grateful defender
of the Western Hemisphere.

'And I'd like a wheelchair with a stereo in it', said the third boy.

'I'll personally ... wait a second.. you're not at all handicapped!'

'No, but I will be when my father finds out who I saved from drowning.'