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Mon, 13 Jan 1997 20:11:34 +0000

Hiya People...

Here's a first-time submission from Dale...

Apparently he got it off another service forwarded from Raymond E
Feist...I've left it intact but edited the layout for readability...

Wishes & Dreams...


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  ------- Forwarded foolishness follows -------

And the Dark Lord made Orcs in mockery of Elves, 
  Trolls in mockery of Ents, 
  and MS-DOS in mockery of CP/M; 
Windows made he in mockery of Macs, 
  NT in mockery of Netware, 
  and Excel in mockery of VisiCalc; 
Word made he in mockery of WordPerfect, 
  TrueImage in mockery of PostScript, 
  and OLE in mockery of OpenDoc; 
MSNetwork made he in mockery of America Online,
  Explorer in mockery of Navigator, 
  and ActiveX in mockery of Java.  
And, even ActiveMovie has he made in mockery of QuickTime. 
And, on every side, his foes have fell reeling,
  defeated one by one as he has crushed them by
  the sheer weight of numbers, his hosts
  darkening the plane.

And, came the twilight years of the Second Millenium, 
  the Free Peoples of the West said,
  "Lo, let us face this pestilence and destroy it, 
  lest all of Middle-Earth be turned into a nest of foulness."  
And, they forged the one OS, and they called it MacOS 8; 
  and they gathered their allies, 
  the IBM Host 
  and the Riders of Motorola, 
  and they prepared, 
  for the final battle ...