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Mon, 13 Jan 1997 20:11:58 +0000

Hiya All...

Here's a true story sent in by Alan...

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True story:
While in Houston, TX, some people received a collect call from their son 
who was backpacking in Mexico at the time.
The operator asked him what long distance carrier he used, and of
course, "BC Tel" meant absolutely squat. 

So, the operator asked again, and he said "I don't care." 

The call goes through, and one month later friends in Houston report via
e-mail that the call cost US$295!!!!
Turns out that there are long distance carriers in the US called "I
Don't Care" and "It Doesn't Matter" which happily gouge poor socialists
who don't understand telephone deregulation.
They complained, and the company reduced the call to the Sprint rate. 

They make so much loot from this scam that they deal out of the glare 
of publicity.